Oxford Big Ideas Building Mathematics In The Early Years (Resource Kit)

Oxford Big Ideas Mathematics: Building Mathematics in the Early Years Kit
A unique resource that promotes the development of reading, visual literacy, numeracy and mathematics as integral and complementary to each other. The development of the resources in this kit is based on the premise that mathematics is part of everyday life, and that seeing the mathematics in everything we do is a matter of creating a mathematical lens. This lens assists us to see the order and structure in the visual images that surround us. Building mathematics in the Early Years is a resource that will help teachers develop this idea and make mathematics come alive. 
The mathematical learning experiences developed in this series will:
  • increase confidence in teaching mathematics and the use of mathematical language
  • increase students' engagement resulting from the learning experiences
  • increase expectations of teachers for their students
  • change (and improve) understanding of mathematical concepts and associated pedagogical practices

Code: 9780195572780

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Kit contains
  • Oxford Literacy guided reading texts x8
  • Activity cards for Foundation + Year 1 + Year 2 (supporting small-group guided instruction)
  • eBooks and mathematics interactive activities (CD-ROM with eBooks offer related interactive activities which offer alternative whole-class lessons to the activity cards in this kit)

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