What Abi Taught Us

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A mother's struggle to come to terms with her daughter's death.

Lucy Hone's beloved 12-year-old daughter Abi was killed in 2013 in a devastating car accident in Canterbury that also claimed the lives of Abi's friend Ella and Ella's mother Sally.

Lucy works in the field of resilience psychology, helping ordinary people exposed to real-life traumatic situations.  When faced with the incomprehensible fact of Abi's tragic death, Lucy knew that she was fighting for the survival of her family unit.

She used her practice to develop ways to support her family in their darkest days, and to find a new way of living without Abi.

In 'What Abi Taught Us' Lucy shares her story and research so that others can work to regain some sense of control and take action in the face of helpless situations.

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