Rome: Power & Glory (2 x DVD Set)

Studio: Discovery Channel

Format: 2 X DVD set (Region/Zone 4)

DVD Release 2004

Running Time: 312 Minutes

DVD Distribution: Magna Pacific

Suitable: Suitable for General Viewing (Exempt From Classification

Rome: Power and Glory explores the rise to power and celebrates the grandeur and sheer scope of all that Rome achieved.

THE RISE It was the army that was destined to shape Romes lasting identity.

LEGIONS OF CONQUEST The same highly-disciplined Legions that conquered an area of more than two million square miles would in the end, prove unable to maintain the expanse of its conquests.

SEDUCTION OF POWER The political system proved a breeding ground for self-interest, assassination and civil wars.

THE GRASP OF THE EMPIRE Experience the exporting of the Roman.

THE CULT OF ORDER Track the corruption of Romes cultural values.

THE FALL By the end of the 4th century, the Roman Empire was nothing more than a fragile military machine.

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