Reading Box Green

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Author/Publisher: Teachers4Teachers

Format: Kit: Box containing 60 Rapid Readers, 144 Booklet cards, Teachers Folder, Leveling Tests, Student progress Chart, Answer Cards

Suitable: Middle to Upper Primary Years 5-8

Reading Box Green

Blue Box

Key Points

  1. Why did we create Reading Box Green?
  2. Suitable for both boys and girls
  3. The 3Hs: here, hidden, head
  4. Multi-aged
  5. High interest
  6. Levelled
  7. Text Types

1. Why did we create the Reading Box Green?

All of the staff here at Teachers 4 Teachers Publications are extremely proud of our latest product, Reading Box Green. The kit has been designed to help senior primary students and lower secondary students strengthen their comprehension skills.

Like Reading Box Blue, the kit has based its reading material around the different text types. Older readers are faced with more complex reading decisions, with the difference between text types becoming more subtle. The challenges presented by Reading Box Green help instruct students on how to negotiate and comprehend these textual forms, as well as provide strong examples for them to follow when expressing their own ideas in clearly defined formats.

High interest subject matter and beautiful illustrations complete each card, maintaining the impressive standards set by Reading Box Blue.

Reading Box Green introduces a couple of exciting innovations to our original format. The main cards are now presented as four-page booklets, allowing for longer texts and additional graphics. The kit also includes a supplementary set of Rapid Reader cards. These bonus cards have been designed to increase the speed at which students read and comprehend.

Reading Box Green:

-services Upper Primary and Lower Secondary

-has cards beginning at Reading Level 22, continuing up to a reading age of 15+

-has contents spanning 12 graded colour levels, with each level containing 12 cards.
- presents material in 4-page booklet form
- has a large number of contributing established authors
- continues the same high standards of texts and graphics as laid down by its predecessor Reading Box Blue
- includes a supplementary set of Rapid Reader cards. A series of graded, short passage exercises that can be utilised in a variety of ways.
- is now available for delivery to schools.

Suitable for both boys and girls
All cards in Reading Box Green have been designed to appeal to both genders. That said, a concerted effort has been made by the producers of Reading BoxGreen to include topics that will encourage more boys to read for pleasure. Texts touching on science & technology; thrills & adventure; latest fads & sports are sure to spark the interest of boys.

The 3H's: Here, Hidden, Head
The reading comprehension activities provide questions that give students practice in the 3H question types. The 3H strategy divides questions into three types: HERE, HIDDEN, and HEAD:

HERE questions are obvious in the text ie. literal
HIDDEN questions can be drawn from one or more parts of the text
HEAD questions require the reader to bring their own knowledge or understanding to the information given in the text.

The questions have been graded with the HERE questions being presented first. The 3H strategy is based on the work of L Graham and B Wong 1993.

Literal, interpretive, inferential and critical levels

In keeping with the curriculum, every effort has been made to provide questions that test proficiency at a literal, interpretive, inferential and critical level.

directly stated in the text

stated in a label, diagram, title or heading

linked in consecutive sentences

a sequence of events
the meaning of symbols in text, map or poster
information in diagrams, pictures and other images

the main idea using key words
word meanings from contextual clues
implied information
predicting using implied information

understanding the purpose of the text, paragraph or section
grasping the writer's point of view
analysing the layout and text conventions

Reading Box Green is the perfect tool for multi-aged classrooms.
It is multi-levelled and multi-staged and is extremely easy to use.
All ability levels are supported by the 12 colour levels provided in the box.
Although focussed on Years 5-8 it can be used in other year levels for extension and remediation.

High Interest
Reading Box Green provides high interest texts for both boys and girls.
We have surveyed students in both city and country schools to find out what they like to read.
Reading Box Green provides a wide variety of text types and topics
Catchy headings, stimulating texts and stunning graphics combine to capture and hold the interest of students.

Levelled Reading and Questions
All texts have been assessed by specially trained reading teachers to ensure that students are working at the appropriate level. These teachers have used their expertise in collaboration with readability data to place the cards into our colour levels, commencing at Sky (levels 22-23) and moving through to Silver (level 36)
The box contains 144 carefully levelled cards that provide graded texts and related exercises. There are 12 cards in each of the 12 progressive colour levels.

Covers common Text Types
Reading Box Green is the complete, upper primary/early secondary reading comprehension kit in a box. Within each colour level students will encounter a variety of Text Types and related comprehension activities as outlined in the English Syllabus. If students are to improve their reading comprehension they need to know how to draw information from a wide range of written forms.
To support students in this way, Reading Box Green contains examples of the following:
information reports
email messages
magazine style articles
comic strip
a variety of other visual texts

How It Works

  1. How it works
  2. Getting started
  3. In the classroom
  4. Level matrix

How It Works
Reading Box Green expands the practical features of its predecessor into senior primary grades. This means that students with previous experience in Reading Box Blue are able to graduate seamlessly across products. New students are introduced to the leveling system through a short test, similar to the one provided in Blue.

Senior primary-level texts require a more advanced degree of comprehension on the part of students. Reading Box Green reflects this with the inclusion of texts that build upon the text type structures introduced in Stages 2 and 3. While maintaining the 'here, hidden and head' and basic English skills questioning strategies, the Green texts extend student comprehension into the sorts of contextual negotiation that an advanced reader constantly engages in.

Included with the kit are answer cards, so that each activity is self-marking. This develops students' abilities for self-management, as well as allowing teachers to focus their attention onto specific individuals. Students progress through the twelve cards in each level at their own pace.

The format of the Reading Box Green is such that it is highly adaptable to any classroom environment. Teachers will discover that it is an invaluable resource for inclusion amongst rotating reading group activities. Alternatively, it is also possible for the 144-cards to be introduced for general classroom use.

Reading Box Green also contains a set of 60 graded Rapid Reader cards.
These short passage exercises provide students with an opportunity to work on their reading pace and practise such skills as skimming and keyword identification.

Teachers can utilise these cards in the classroom in a number of ways. The cards can be used as rewards for early finishers. They can be studied by the whole class as an introductory phase to each lesson. They can even take the form of a remediation resource, especially when trying to foster confidence in students who are daunted by lengthy slabs of text.

In accordance with the rest of the kit, the Rapid Reader cards are also self-marking. Answer pamphlets are provided for student use.

Getting Started
The Levelling Test

A set of 10 levelling tests is provided with the kit. The levelling test is four pages long and is limited to 15 minutes. A copy of the test is also provided in the teacher's manual for photocopying.

Once the levelling tests have been administered and marked teachers can refer to the Levelling Table found in the teacher's manual to determine each child's starting colour.

If teachers prefer, they can use their own testing procedures
and judgement to assign students their starting levels.

Once students know their starting colour they may begin working through the cards at their own pace.

The Sample Practice Card

To familiarise students with the workings of the kit a sample practice card is included in the teacher's manual. The card is entitled "Dinner at Rover's Place".Both the front and back of this card are available for photocopying. There is also a corresponding sample answer card and a sample answer sheet. It is advised that these masters are copied onto overhead transparencies and worked through in a whole-class lesson.

In the classroom
There are numerous ways a teacher may choose to use Reading Box Blue in the classroom. Although with 144 different cards the kit is quite able to support the whole class at one time its optimum usage is seen as an independent activity within a rotational reading groups lesson.

Reading groups model

In this classroom model, Reading Box Green is used as a separate activity in a group of three or four reading activities. Groups, determined by reading ability, rotate to a new activity each day. This model allows the Reading Box group to work independently, freeing up the teacher to work with other groups and individuals.

Level Matrix
The shaded area on the table below indicates core year levels served
by Reading Box Green.


  1. Narrative
  2. Recount
  3. Report
  4. Procedure
  5. Explanation
  6. Exposition
  7. Poetry

1. Narrative

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2. Recount

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3. Report

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4. Procedure

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5. Explanation

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6. Exposition

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7. Poetry

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