1492: Conquest Of Paradise (DVD)

Starring: Gerard Dpardieu, Sigourney Weaver, Armand Assante, Frank Langella

Director: Ridley Scott

Studio/Distributor: 2oth Century Fox

Format: DVD

Duration: 149 Minutes

Suitable: Persons 16 years and older

Centuries before the exploration of space, there was another voyage into the unknown.

The epic adventure of Christopher Columbus' life of exploration and discovery of America. Columbus persuades Queen Isabel of Spain to back his expedition to reach the East by sailing west in order to find a new trade route to Asia.

His attempts to live in peace with the natives in the New World are sabotaged by his followers who seek to exploit the land and the native people.

A powerful story of discovery and betrayal, in which Columbus ultimately ends his life in obscurity and poverty.

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