e-Food And Technology: Book 2 (2nd Edition)

Author: Leanne Compton, Carol Warren

Published: 2008

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Format: Paperback

Pages: 344

Suitable: Food Technology Years 9-11

The same winning author team has revised the market leading e-Food series with new VELS content, VELS assessment tasks, a focus on design briefs, brand new content and a new design which includes stunning food photography and food styling. Step-by-step photography adds a new level of pedagogical sophistication and helps students to master kitchen and recipe skills

Section 1 nuts about nutrition
Chapter 1 Food Stuff: Discover Nutrients
Chapter 2 Science Fiction: Discover Food Myths
Chapter 3 Bad Taste: Discover Dietary Related Disease
Chapter 4 What's Hot?: Discover Nutritional Issues
Chapter 5 Food for Thought: Discover Impact of Technology

Section 2 around the world
Chapter 6 Advance Australia Fare: Discover Australian Cuisin
Chapter 7 Orient Express: Discover Asian Cuisine
Chapter 8 European Vacation: Discover European Cuisine
Chapter 9 American Pie: Discover the Cuisine of the America
Chapter 10 Out of Africa: Discover African Cuisine

Section 3 make a meal of it
Chapter 11 Start Me Up: Discover Breakfast
Chapter 12 In the Bag: Discover Lunch
Chapter 13 The Night Shift: Discover Dinner
Chapter 14 It's a Wrap: Discover Fresh Versus Packaged
Chapter 15 Snack Attack: Discover Snacks and Junk Food

Chapter 16 Makes Sense: Discover Sensory Evaluation
Chapter 17 Hot Properties: Discover Properties of Food
Chapter 18 Branded!: Discover Food Products
Chapter 19 All Wrapped Up: Discover Packaging
Chapter 20 Labelled!: Discover Labelling

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