Place Value Linking Abacus (139 Piece)

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This Linking Abacus set is perfect to practice with place value. You can use the rods with the stand individually or you can connect them together to create more-digit numbers. Start with 2 digit numbers and gradually add another rod to introduce hundreds and thousands. The cubes can also be used for simple counting, colour sorting and threading. Each set includes cards with ‘unit’, ‘ten’, ‘hundred’ and ‘thousand’, as well as numbers 0 to 9, to create 4-digit numbers. Each set includes 5 bases with 5 rods, 75 cubes in 5 colours, and 54 cards. Supplied packed in a sturdy plastic container. Each cube measures 2x2cm, while each stand measures 6 x 3.5 x 2.8cm.

Code: GG1127

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