Accounting - Concepts and Management Book 3

Author: Suzanne Collings
Publisher: Blake Education
Published: 2005
Format: Paperback

Challenging activities that will refine and consolidate student knowledge and understanding of key accounting concepts.

Topics Included:

- Introduction to accounting
- Classification of assets and liabilities
- Qualitative characteristics/principles
- Transactions and documents
- Profit income and expenses
- Accrual accounting
- Profitability-RTA, ROI, GPR, NPR
- Liquidity- cash flow and collections
- Measurements of liquidity
- Budgeting and variances
- Stability
- Efficiency- debtors, creditors and KPI's
About this series:
This checklist highlights the major uses and benefits of the books:

Versatile Uses
- Supplementary classroom lessons
- Homework activities
- Reinforcement of learning
- Extension work for advanced students
- Preparation for assessment
- Exam revision

Teaching Benefits
- Creative teaching ideas
- Developing greater student interest and understanding
- A fresh approach to a topic or lesson
- A way of targeting student weaknesses
- Suitable for individual or group work
- A variety of activities for home study

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