Communication Organisations and Innovations

Authors: Sandra Barnett & Susan O'Rourke
Publisher: Pearson
Published: 2011 (3rd Edition)
Format: Paperback: 394 Pages

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful human endeavour. This timely new edition of the highly successful Communication: Organisation and Innovation shows how innovative methods of communication teaching and learning can benefit and strengthen all organisations, especially in today’s fast-changing business world.

Control (organisation) and change (innovation) are two concepts that are inherent in the notion of communication. Communication is an innovative, dynamic, ever-changing, risk-taking and adaptive process that generates new relationships, new growth and new ways of thinking.

Key topics and their effect on communication that are addressed in this latest edition include:

Social media Global recession International and crosscultural communication in New Zealand and globally Ethics, sustainability and accountability The following supplements are available gratis via the website:

PowerPoint slides Lecturer’s Guide Suitable for NZDipBus 560 and Professional Communication courses.

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